MB #07 – G.D.C.


NEW! MOCK BAND TEES: Vintage concert shirts for bands that never existed. ON THE BACK: The cities they’ve toured…those poor, weary, fake bands.

In 1985, faith-based metalheads, Stryper, took religious rock to the flocks, but the God Damn Christians never ascended. Crucified by the critics, Question Nothing went straight to the media section in Goodwills, regionwide. While G.D.C. persisted, releasing three more LPs: Predator & Pray, Resurrect THIS! and Hell? Oh, I Must Be Going, the trilogy of albums was deemed partly ambitious, but wholly shit.

Hand-printed on super-soft American Apparel & Los Angeles Apparel 50/50 Poly/Cotton Blend shirts. (These shirts have a very trim fit.)


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