I want you to wear this shirt for years…

I love a product that lasts and looks good doing it. Mid-century furniture, old Volvos, my awesome coffee maker. And I’m a t-shirt snob, if that’s a thing. Must be soft with a sturdy collar; lightweight but durable; true to size. I never bought concert tees because they were often too heavy, scratchy, and for some reason, always extra large with thick, non-breathable ink. Or a gaping neckhole. Or as long as a nightgown. Furthermore, most “funny” tees have a brief shelf life and zero regard for design. So it just made sense to start printing my own, on the best shirts available.

Some are snarky and dry. Some are inside jokes for comedians. Some don’t mean a thing. The only goal is to make them witty, interesting or vaguely subversive, but never embarrassing to wear. Low brow for the high brow.

And one way to cut back on tacky is the clean look of one-color images…simple, with a nod to my well-worn vintage tees.

All shirts are lovingly hand-printed to order with non-toxic, “no-feel” ink. Just wash ’em once in cold water.

You can also find Lemon Ice Tees in a few brick and mortars:
PARTS AND LABOUR 1704 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX
A-TOWN 5502 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX
ARLAN’S MARKET 7108 Woodrow Ave. Austin, TX
MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO 1712 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX
RALA 323 Union Ave. Knoxville, TN

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-Mario DiGiorgio
Founder, designer, printer of Lemon Ice Tees